Lions Club of Haywards Heath

(Chartered 1962)
Serving the Community for more than 50 years
Welcome to Haywards Heath Lions Club. We are a friendly service organisation, part of Lions Clubs International, the worlds largest non governmental organisation.

We operate locally with the aim of raising money for good causes and helping those people who need it.

Lions are an international network of 1.7 million men and women in 192 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world. Known for working to end preventable blindness, Lions participate in a vast variety of projects important to their communities.

These projects range from cleaning up local parks to providing supplies to victims of natural disasters. Beginning in 1917, the association of Lions clubs has provided millions of people with the opportunity to give something back to their communities.

We hope you find the website of interest and if it inspires you to want to do more to help your community then please either contact your local Lions club or contact our secretary on 0345 8335807 who will be pleased to proivde further information.

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HH Lions Raise Funds for Chailey Heritage

On Sunday 23rd September Haywards Heath Lions Club held their first ever mascot race at Plumpton Racecourse, under the direction of our mascot Leo a.k.a. Lion Denys Hutson.  Eight mascots from various organisations across the South East of England took part, with HHLC raising £328 for the Chailey Heritage Foundation, who help change the lives of children and adults with complex disabilities.  The race was won by Howie Hornet from Horsham FC followed by Haydon the Womble from Wimbledon AFC and KNK Kev who came third.  HHLC managed to field three mascots, including Leo but sadly Zarla and Leonora finished down the field.  The Mascot race was mentioned on BBC Radio Sussex and can be found on Facebook. The event was held in memory of Geoff Smith who had been instrumental in organising mascot races to raise money for charities across venues in the South of England and who sadly passed away recently.




Would you like to Volunteer

HH Lions are always looking for "Friends" to assist them in their projects to provide a service to the community. If you would like to assist the Lions, or indeed become a member, please contact our Secretary on 0345 8335807 or email him at

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Business meeting



Bookstall in The Orchards



Garage tidy up



BBQ at Peter and Hazel’s



Business meeting



Haywards Heath Town Day: Victoria Park



Bookstall in The Orchards



Dinner with speaker: talk on Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes



Business meeting



Bookstall in The Orchards



Haywards Heath Bike Ride



Newhaven Peacehaven & Seaford Lions 50th Charter lunch



Business meeting



Bookstall in The Orchards



Christmas Float building



Christmas Float collections



Christmas Float dismantling



Business meeting



Business meeting



District Convention: Near Maidstone

Haywards Heath Lions Donates a cheque for 15000 to Headway East Sussex.

Haywards Heath Lions Club held their Swimarathon Presentation Evening at Haywards Heath Town Hall on the 21st June 2019 following their very successful 36th Swimarathon event in which 64 teams of 6 swimmers swam for 55 minutes each hour from 08.00 until 19.00. The presentation evening was attended by those teams who won the various competitions that were held on the day and were presented with Certificates of Achievement and Appreciation. The main winner of course was the Lions beneficiary Headway East Sussex who were presented with a cheque for 15,000. Headway’s Chairperson, Wendy Pengelly said “We are so thrilled at how much has been raised. Thank you to all those who took part in the event and to all those who kindly sponsored them. This money will go a long way to enable us to continue to support people with acquired brain injuries.” If you would like to enter a team for the 37th Swimarathon on Good Friday 2020, please visit our website for details. The picture shows Haywards Heath Town Mayor Alastair McPherson handing over the cheque to Headways Finance Director Wendy Pengelly.


Welcome to the Haywards Heath Lions Club

Haywards Heath Lions Club is a voluntary service organisation and is part of Lions International, the largest service organisation in the world. The Haywards Heath club was chartered in 1962 and is open to both men and women. Currently there are around 20 members from all walks of life. The common thread is that we are caring individuals giving some of our spare free time, enjoying what we are doing in the company of like-minded friends. The area covered by the club stretches beyond the town of Haywards Heath into the villages of Cuckfield, Lindfield, Ardingly, Horsted Keynes and Scaynes Hill. You will find our members in most of them.

The club is always on the lookout for new members, people who are willing to lend a hand so that commitments can be met and, where possible, extended. Being a member may be looked upon as a constructive form of relaxation. Working together on fund-raising and community projects can be very rewarding and, in addition, members and their families enjoy many social occasions throughout the year. There is absolutely nothing secret about membership.

Strength in Numbers!

Since Lions clubs were introduced to Britain in 1950 they have grown to more than 900 clubs in Britain and Ireland with a membership of around 21,000. Members of Lions Clubs are dedicated to improving the quality of life for many people less fortunate than themselves - whether it be in their own local communities or in other parts of the world.

Where do we meet?

The club meets twice a month, once at King Edward Hall, Lindfield (approximately 1 mile from Haywards Heath town centre). The first of these meetings is held on the first Monday of each month at 8pm. At that meeting the working committees report so that all club members can have their say about what the Club is doing.

The second meeting, on the third Monday of the month, is a social evening which sometimes involves a meal, sometimes with a guest speaker or a visit to an interesting venue.


Complete cost of running the Lions organisation, at all levels, is covered by members' subscriptions which are kept as low as possible. Each individual club decides what its subscription should be for the Lion's "year" - 12 month period July/June. In the case of the Haywards Heath club, the current year the annual cost of membership at £72 is far less than buying a quality Sunday newspaper each week of the year so it is very low indeed.


Lions are, or could be someone exactly like YOU!! If you are interested in learning a bit more about us, please contact one of the following :

President: Lion Richard Johnson (07734 684456)
Secretary: Lion Colin Brunt (0345 8335807 )

Who Are Lions?

Our Vision Statement

To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

Our Mission Statement

To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

Who are the Lions?

Lions are an international network of 1.7 million men and women in approximately 46,000 clubs in 192 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world. Lions are men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes. Founded in 1917, the volunteer organization's motto is "We Serve."

Known for working to end preventable blindness, (see Helen Keller) Lions participate in a vast variety of projects important to their communities.

These projects range from cleaning up local parks to providing supplies to victims of natural disasters. Since 1917, the association of Lions Clubs has provided millions of people with the opportunity to give something back to their communities.

Lions continue to make a difference everyday and everywhere and live up to their motto, " We Serve".

What's it all about? What do we do and why do we do it?

Service to Others

Worldwide, Lions clubs are recognized for their service to the blind and visually impaired. This service began when Helen Keller challenged Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness" during the 1925 Lions Club International Convention.

Today, Lions extend their commitment to sight conservation through countless local efforts, as well as through their international SightFirst Program and Lions World Sight Day, a global partnership of United Nations agencies, eye care and philanthropic organizations and health professionals, held the second Thursday of each October to increase awareness of the need to eradicate blindness. Lions also collect and recycle eyeglasses for distribution in developing countries year-round and especially during May, which is Lions Recycle for Sight Month.

In addition, Lions make a strong commitment to young people through youth outreach programs. Lions also work to improve the environment, build homes for the disabled, support diabetes education, conduct hearing programs and, through their foundation, provide disaster relief around the world.

Based on a recent report of Lions clubs worldwide, it is estimated that each Lions club donates approximately £5,000 to charitable causes, totaling £220 million worldwide. Each year Lions club members volunteer approximately 76 million hours, which is equivalent to 36,500 people working full time for a year.

Sight Programs

In 1990, Lions established SightFirst, raising approximately £70 million to fight the major causes of preventable and reversible blindness. The unprecedented program joins Lions volunteers with blindness prevention experts and organizations and governments. SightFirst has:

provided more than 7.1 million cataract surgeries
built or expanded 213 eye hospitals
supported more than 80 million treatments to prevent river blindness
improved eye care in 90 countries around the world

In 2005, Lions launched Campaign SightFirst II with a goal of raising at least £75 million to continue and expand the extraordinary work of SightFirst.

Lions clubs support other sight-related activities. Lions clubs and members:

provide 600,000 free professional glaucoma screenings and make 25,000 corneal transplants possible each year
establish and support a majority of the world's eye banks, hundreds of clinics, hospitals and eye research centers worldwide
collect more than 30 million pairs of used eyeglasses annually for free distribution to those in need in developing countries
offer screenings, eyeglasses and sports goggles to athletes through the Special Olympics-Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes Program provide free quality eye care, eyeglasses, Braille-writers, large print texts, white canes and guide dogs for thousands of people each year.

To learn more about SightFirst, see Sightfirst or visit

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Our key Projects in the UK

Haywards Heath Lions Club supports a number of UK based and International Lions Health Projects, some of which help raise money and others that provide assistance or support for those people in need.

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LIBRA is the "Lions International Blood Research Appeal". Its aim is to provide laboratory space and equipment at King's College Hospital in London, for research into, diagnosis and treatment of Haemophilia, Leukaemia, Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Disease.

The Trust originally identified Leukaemia, Sickle Cell Disease and Haemophilia as areas of research. These blood diseases cover the constituent parts of blood. These days research is concentrated on Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassaemia and Leukaemia. Haemophilia, whilst no cure exists is being gradually eliminated.

Since establishing the Trust, LIBRA has provided modern accommodation for the Department, refurbished accommodation and provided much needed research equipment.Click here for more information


Message in a Bottle is an initiative that we support very vigorously. We recognise it as a means of fulfilling our motto "We Serve"; we fund the scheme from our charity account.

This scheme is free to the user. Whilst it is focused on the more vulnerable people in our community, anyone can fall downstairs or have a car accident, so this scheme can benefit anyone. Click here for more information



Tacade is a leading not-for-profit charitable organisation working in the field of personal, social, health and citizenship education (including drug, alcohol, tobacco and sexual health issues) for children and young people. Increasingly, Tacade works with the more vulnerable, at risk, young people. Click here for more information


It is estimated that more than 20,000,000 people in the British Isles have a hidden medical condition which could endanger their life in an emergency when they are unable to speak for themselves - for example, if they are rendered unconscious due to either an accident or to their medical condition.
MedicAlert® in the UK was originally a special project of the British Isles & Ireland Lions Clubs who brought the idea over from the US in the early 60's.

Today, MedicAlert® is a non-profit making, registered charity that works independently with the invaluable support of the Lions.

Alongside their other charitable work, the Lions Clubs distribute leaflets, posters and application forms to doctor's surgeries and hospital waiting rooms. They actively support and promote the organisation within the community and where possible provide people on limited income with sponsored memberships. Click here for more information

Trying to inform over 54 million people about the threats of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy is not easy, but that is exactly what the Lions Eye Health Programme [LEHP] is attempting to do. And it is succeeding.

LEHP is a Lions Clubs International sight saving initiative. The programme, a partnership between the Lions Clubs of the British Isles and Ireland, the International Glaucoma Association and Diabetes UK, was launched with clubs in Britain and Ireland about 6 years ago. There are now about 500 clubs actively instituting the campaign through its volunteer members.

Those most at risk of developing glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are people over the age of 40, those with a family history of glaucoma, diabetics, people of African Caribbean origin and those with high myopia (very short sight). Only people with diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. Click here for more information

Haywards Heath Lions are also involved in International Projects and more information can be found out about these projects by clicking here

Melvin Jones, Founder 1913

Lions Clubs International - A Little History

The International Association of Lions Clubs began as the dream of Chicago businessman Melvin Jones. Melvin Jones was born in 1879; in 1913 he formed his own Insurance agency.

He joined a local businessmen's luncheon group and asked: - "What if these men, who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?" At his invitation, delegates from men's clubs met in Chicago to lay the groundwork for such an organization and on June 7, 1917, Lions Clubs International was born. Clubs were not to be social in nature nor were members permitted to promote their own business interests.Jones eventually devoted himself full time to Lions International. It was under his dynamic leadership that Lions Clubs earned the prestige necessary to attract civic-minded members. The association's founder was also recognized as a leader outside the association. One of his greatest honours was in 1945 when he represented Lions Clubs International as a consultant in San Francisco, California, at the organization of the United Nations.

In 1925, Helen Keller addressed the Lions international convention in Cedar Point, Ohio, USA. She challenged Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness." From this time, Lions clubs have been actively involved in service to the blind and visually impaired.Melvin Jones' personal code was "YOU CAN'T GET VERY FAR UNTIL YOU START DOING SOMETHING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE". This became a guiding principle for public-spirited people the world over. He died in 1961 at 82 years of age.

See for more information on the Lions.

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Some of the good causes we have helped raise funds for and assisted during our calendar year


Ask yourself these questions

Do you think there is something missing inyour life? - you live in a community which you clearly enjoy but you would like to input positively in a constructive and rewarding way.

Would you like to have fun working with like-minded men and women in helping charities, local groups and individuals who need your time and expertise?

Would you like to raise money for good causes in the Haywards Heath area.

Then Look No Further! - Become a member of Haywards Heath Lions as I did. Here is a testimonial from a current Lion Member.

My membership began eight years ago. My family have lived in Haywards Heath for some years and with my children now grown up, I wanted to involve myself in the community, make new friends and become part of an extensive national and multi-national organisation comprising 1.4 million Lions in 43,000 clubs and in 180 countries!!

The aim of a Lions Club is TO SERVE - simple words but full of meaning and purpose - both practically and through fund raising. We raise and spend funds to help people in need and less priviledged than ourselves a little bit more happier and contented than otherwise would be the case.

I became a Lion through a friend who had learned about 'Lions' through reading a leaflet given out by a member one evening at Haywards Heath Railway Station. We went along to a meeting and found the company cordial and convivial with the aims of Lions to be met in a productive and rewarding manner. Within an informal atmosphere we chatted to members and quickly realised that there was a posivitive and worthwhile job for even the newest member to do.

A club is principally split into sub-groups concerning themselves with fund-raising, fund spending, public relations, membership or welfare. There are also many social events held throughout the year for members and their families to partake of.

Membership is by invitation only with an informal induction. After a few visits, I decided to accept the invitation to join.

Club meetings are held on the first Monday of each month with a Dinner Evening held on the third Monday of each month - often with a guest speaker.

If you are looking for some worthwhile community involvement as well as having fun and making new friends, then this club is for you. I can thoroughly recommend it as a very rewarding and pleasurable activity. Why not give it a try and do what I did? So come along and see that we get up to. You could start by giving the secretary a call who will be happy to tell you more about Lions and what it can do for you as well as what you can do for the Club.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN! Why not try a 'taster'? Don't delay - call the Club Secretary on 0845 8335807 and find out what you could be missing!!

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Swimarathon Forms

The online application form is available now. Please go to and click on the link or telephone Richard Johnson on 07734 684456


Welcome to the Haywards Heath Lions Club Swimarathon

Our annual Swimarathon will be held at the Dolphin Leisure Centre Pool, Haywards Heath on Good Friday - 10th April 2020

In 2019, the Lions chose to support local charity Headway East Sussex.

The event was very well supported by the friends and families of the swimmers who cheered on their teams with much enthusiasm.  Lion President Peter Parr paid tribute to the many swimmers who regularly take part in the event saying “This event has been supported over the years, often by the same organisations and families, for 36 years.  One such team who swam this year consisted of grandparents, parents and grandchildren, all of whom have pledged to continue to support us into our 37th Year and beyond.  Without the continued support of such families and organisations including the Guides, Brownies, Scouts and local schools the event would not be as successful as it is.  On behalf of Haywards Heath Lions, we thank you”.

The Swimarathon enables teams of swimmers of all ages to raise money for a charity or good cause of their own choice and for the good cause chosen by Haywards Heath Lions Club. The sponsorship money raised by each team is paid to Haywards Heath Lions Club, who then distribute it to the charities and good causes. Half of each team's sponsorship is donated to that team's chosen charity or good cause, and half to the Lions' chosen good cause.

The key objective is to raise as much money as possible while having fun!

The Lions Swimarathon committee are seeking a local charity or organisation to be our beneficiary in 2020.

If you have a charity or local organisation that you feel would benefit from being our Lions Swimarathon Beneficiary in 2020 please contact the Swimarathon Committee on the number listed below.

If you would like to know more about the Lions Swimarathon, please visit Teams can be from an organised group or just a group of friends. Previously, teams have included families, schools, guides, brownies, sports clubs, churches, youth clubs, special needs groups, and luncheon clubs. So why not enter a team next year and raise funds for your own special good cause and help raise much needed funds for the Lions chosen beneficiary at the same time. See you all on Good Friday 2020.

With best wishes

The Swimarathon Committee.
07734 684456


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How to contact Haywards Heath Lions Club

The Secretary, Haywards Heath Lions Club - 0345 8335807


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