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About Sight First

SightFirst is Lions' most ambitious and most successful initiative ever. Thanks to SightFirst, Lions have restored sight to 7.3 million people through cataract surgeries, prevented serious vision loss for 20 million people and improved eye care services for hundreds of millions.

SightFirst was launched by Lions in 1989 to battle preventable blindness. Sadly, 80 percent of the world's blind were needlessly without sight. Through SightFirst, Lions have prevented blindness by supporting cataract surgeries, helping to build or expand eye hospitals and clinics, distributing sight-saving medication and training eye care professionals.

SightFirst has not only been stunningly effective but also startlingly efficient. On average, about every £3 in donations has resulted in a person with vision restored or saved from blindness. (Campaign SightFirst raised approximately £44 million from Lions activities around the world)

SightFirst is especially helping children. In partnership with the World Health Organization, SightFirst has launched the world's first-ever global initiative to combat childhood blindness. The project is creating 30 centers for pediatric eye care around the world.

Campaign SightFirst II (CSFII) will enable Lions to expand the extraordinary work of SightFirst. The goal is to raise at least US$150 million to continue to prevent blindness and restore sight.

The World Needs CSFII

Despite the success of SightFirst, much work remains. With CSFII, Lions seek to continue to change the world through sight preservation. SightFirst has been extraordinarily effective, but Lions' dream of providing "Vision for All" has not yet been realized. The growth and aging of the world's population create new challenges. Changing patterns of eye disease, barely discernable when SightFirst began, have become serious threats to sight around the world.

Cataract, a disease closely tied to aging, remains the world's leading cause of blindness. Childhood blindness and low vision are at an all-time high. River blindness and trachoma, which take the sight of millions, can be controlled, but increased global awareness and funding are required. Diabetes and glaucoma silently stalk the vision of millions who may not even know that they are at risk.

For more information on Sight First and Capaign Sight First II click here. Also, See the Lions Eye Heath Programme





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