On Tuesday 30th July 2019, Haywards Heath Lion Martin Kenward attended the Chailey Heritage Foundation’s Futures Ceremony where Young adults were recognised for their achievements this year in their transitions, overcoming challenges and for their consideration to others.

The event was themed around the Circus and as ever the young adults embraced the theme with some of them making their own costumes and decorations during their LSC art sessions, which adorned the newly renovated Futures’ Garden.

The young adults, dressed in various outfits, were joined by several ‘bearded ladies’ from the Greatest Showman, numerous clowns and a ringmaster who all looked great. Lion Martin presented Christian Mitchell, featured below, with the Haywards Heath Lions Endeavour Award for his specific achievements throughout the year.

Before going off to join the parade around site, everyone fuelled up on fantastic food which was a feast for the eyes as well as the tum! All the funfair favourites of candyfloss, popcorn and fizzy drinks along with fabulous cakes, thanks to CHF’s housekeepers.

Haywards Heath Lions Club has been presenting the Endeavour Award to young adults at Chailey Heritage since 2011 and Lion Martin commented that

“it was a privilege and a pleasure to present the award to Christian, in recognition of his huge perseverance in rising to several personal challenges during the year”.

Haywards Heath Lions Club continues to support the Chailey Heritage Foundation and look forward to working with them in the future.