Want to recycle your old Glasses or Spectacles?

Following the reopening of local opticians, Haywards Heath Lions Club are, once again collecting used pairs of spectacles for recycling.

Our Recycle for Sight collection bins for old, used and unwanted glasses and spectacles are located with local opticians Specsavers, Armstrongs, Leightons, Boots, Scrivens, Lindfield Eye Care and Cuckfield I Wear.

No appointments are required to make a donation at any of these sites.

What do we do with your donations?

Your unwanted or unused spectacles are collected by Haywards Heath Lions Club and then sent to a recycling centre. Plastic framed glasses that are in good condition are found new owners all over the world – and any pairs that aren’t such good shape, or contain precious metals are responsibly recycled and the component materials extracted to raise funds for the other good causes supported by the Lions Club.

The Lions specialist recycling centre is located near Chichester and it is run by that district local Lions club. There your old spectacles are sorted and the metal framed ones are sent off for precious metal extraction which raises money for good causes. The plastic frame specs go on for further sorting in Northern France where they are graded and passed on to a number of African countries to aid vision improvement schemes.

Haywards Heath Lions are very pleased that our opticians participate in this recycling scheme and local people have somewhere to pass on old and unused spectacles which can be put to good use.

More information our Recycle for Sight project

Click here to open our Recycle For Site project page where you can find out more about what Haywards Heath Lions Club will be able to do with your old reading glasses and spectacles, how we do it and also how you can make your own donation.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about making your donation, please do call and speak to one of our Lions on 0845 8335807