Haywards Heath Lions Bookstall Moves Online.


Click here to load the Haywards Heath Lions Bookstall website


Haywards Heath Lions bookstall, which many will remember from its monthly visit to the Orchards Shopping Centre has now moved to an online bookstall, making it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With its new availability and books still selling for £1 each, the Lions hope to attract many new buyers as well as their regular customers to benefit our local community both by offering affordable reading material and by raising much needed funds for those needing help in our local community.

On visiting the online site, www.hhlionsbooks.co.uk you are invited to choose between looking into the bookstall’s boxes, getting the virtual experience of visiting the bookstall as it used to be or using the search engine to search by author, or you may even read through the whole list of books to make your selection.

With over 1,100 books to choose from, Haywards Heath Lions hope there will be something for everyone.

Books can be ordered by email, then a collection time and payment will be arranged. Lion President Richard Johnson says that “whilst online payment is preferred, they do not wish those unable to do so to miss out, so there will be an option of putting money into a collection tin when collecting chosen books from the doorstep of a member of Haywards Heath Lions, but for those without transport, delivery can be made to Haywards Heath and the surrounding villages for a donation of £1.

For any customers living further afield who wish to purchase several books, the Lions can arrange delivery by courier.