Are you looking for something different to do in your spare time?

Haywards Heath Lions Club are looking for new members to help them raise much needed funds for those people and families who are in need within our community.

What do you know about Lions? We operate locally but have international connections, being part of the world’s largest non-governmental organisation. We even have a seat on the UN! But please don’t let that put you off. We raise money to help local people. That’s what we do. Not just that but we also provide resources i.e. US, to help people with projects or events that need physical assistance.

If you know us, and many of you do, we have two main fund raisers each year: our annual Swimarathon that raises money for local groups and charities and for our chosen beneficiary which this year is Motor Neurone Disease West Sussex North Branch, who operate in our area. We also have our Christmas Carol collection which will see members taking Father Christmas around various routes in and around Haywards Heath and Lindfield, collecting money for families in serious need at Christmas. We also attend various fetes and fairs throughout the year raising much needed funds.

We also meet socially, at least once a month for a meal where there might be a speaker or we might be involved in a fun activity. We are just ordinary people from all walks of life who live in and around Haywards Heath and who want to help those in need within our community?

So, would you like to find out more about us? Do you have a couple of hours a month to help us in our community service or perhaps even join us on our Father Christmas float or join in with our Swimarathon at Easter? What we do is very rewarding and giving of your time is the best way to help others in need within our community. Being a member of Lions has much to offer people from all walks of life.

If you are interested in helping us, especially at Christmas when we hold our major fund raising drive to help those in need takes place, then please contact the Lions on 0345 833 5807 or email us on

We are Ordinary People – Doing Amazing Things. Come and join us – and be amazing!