Have you heard about Message in a Bottle or MIAB, one of the most effective ways of letting the emergency services know that you are on medication, should they be called? No?

Message in a Bottle is a Lions Club initiative that provides the emergency services with immediate access to key patient information in case of a medical emergency at home.

The bottles are freely available to any member of the public and can be obtained from health centres, doctor’s surgeries and Lions clubs across the UK.

Recently, Haywards Heath Lions Club provided the Princess Royal hospital in Haywards Heath with 350 bottles for distribution to patients, in response to a request from nurses responsible for care of the elderly.

The handover of bottles was conducted in the vestibule of the hospital and three members of Haywards Heath Lions, led by President Richard Johnson, were met by Jane Mason, Matron for Elderly Care and Amelia Sturrock, Specialist Nurse – Older People.

Some bottles were also placed in PRH Reception in a display carton (pictured) where members of the public could help themselves as required.

An MIAB pack consists of a small plastic bottle containing a form for medical and personal details and includes two stickers. One sticker is for the inside of the front door where it can be easily seen by the Emergency Services on entry to a property and the second sticker is put on the fridge door. The container with the medication form is placed in the fridge. This alerts the emergency services that the person they’ve come to treat is on medication.

Banner image to promote the Lions Club initiative: Message In A Bottle (or MIAB)

If you would like further information or obtain a bottle or bottles, please contact our secretary on 0345 833 5807 or contact HH Lions on enquiries@haywardsheathlionsclub.org.uk

Feeling generous? You can help support the Message In a Bottle scheme by making a online donation, safely and securely by using the Haywards Heath Lions Club official page on the Virgin Money Giving website.


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