Haywards Heath Lions Club is promoting an amazing concept that provides a facility for people to inform emergency services of the medication they are on.

The concept is known as Message in a Bottle and was the brainchild of a policeman way back in 1999. His insight into making vital medical information readily available to emergency services has undoubtedly saved many lives. Message in a Bottle or MIAB is available to all, for free and here is an endorsement of the product from a visually impaired Lion, who describes the benefits of having one of these bottles in the fridge.

“My name is Nikki and have an enormous amount of gratitude for MIAB as the bottle in my fridge has saved my life on numerous occasions. Being a diabetic transplant recipient I suffer from hypoglycaemic attacks which occasionally lead to me slipping into a coma. Having seen the sticker on the front door, emergency services will know to go straight to the fridge where all my medical notes are stored in my message in a bottle. This also means one less worry for family members, in my case my teenage son who has also saved my life on several occasions. I don’t know where I would be now without MIAB”.

Message in a bottle is available to anyone who would like to use it and is not restricted to serious medical ailments as any information can be useful in a medical emergency. The pack consists of a small plastic tub containing a medical form and two stickers. One sticker is for the inside of the front door where it can be easily seen, and the second sticker for the fridge door.

Message in a Bottle is available for FREE due to the generous donations of both businesses and the public. Lions clubs through the UK supply these kits to health centres, doctor’s surgeries and chemists. They are also available direct from Lions clubs.

If you would like further information, please contact Haywards Heath Lions on 0845 8335807 or enquiries@haywardsheathlionsclub.org.uk

Additional information about this very worthy scheme can be found at www.lions.org.uk/miab