Deaf Aid project cover image

Deafness is an issue affecting both adults and children all over the world, including the UK.

In the UK, deafness is our second largest disability – one in six people are affected by hearing loss.  

Haywards Heath Lions Club are working together with other Lions Clubs and the Starkey Hearing Foundation to raise awareness of the very real issue of deafness and the impact that being hearing impaired can have on a personals quality of life.

We’re proud to be helping to find new and sustainable ways to help improve the quality of life for people and the families who are affected by deafness: predominantly this is being done in the form of training and also collecting used hearing equipment which can then be refurbished and ultimately donated to deaf people who would not otherwise have access to this essential equipment (both in the UK and internationally).

Haywards Heath Lions Club are currently looking for donations of the following:

  • Unwanted hearing aids
  • Broken hearing aids
  • Analogue hearing aids
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Ancillary hearing aid items
  • Audiological equipment from individuals,
  • Audiological equipment from audiologists
  • Audiological equipment from hearing retail outlets
  • Audiological equipment from hospitals

Put simply, your support of this Lions Club project will make a genuine and big difference to the lives of real people.

If you would like to know more about this project or if you’d like to make a donation of equipment then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to coordinate a collection with you.