National Diabetes Education Program

One of the signature causes that the Lions Clubs has always been the  National Diabetes Education Program.

The National Diabetes Education Program have a goal (in partnership with the equally worthy International Diabetes Federation) to screen 1 million people for type 2 diabetes – and they’re doing this with the help of groups all over the country.

We help run free Diabetes testing events local to Haywards Heath (please do check our upcoming events page when the next one is) or alternatively, you can complete their online diabetes risk assessment which aims to predict an individual’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes within the next ten years.

The National Diabetes Education Program website is full of useful about Diabetes: including facts and outlines their strategic plan to ‘reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve quality of life for those diagnosed’. The also help organise the annual World Diabetes Day  – if you’d like to know more information about this please do contact us directly or visit their official website:



In 1983 Lions Clubs International established a programme of “Diabetes Awareness” because diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among people between the ages of 20 to 74. Diabetes is one of the world’s biggest killers
Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease, blindness and loss of limbs.

Once diabetes has been detected, treatment in our Multiple District is excellent. Health facilities provide treatment and monitoring, with backup services such as dieticians and chiropodists. Unfortunately, many people with diabetes go undetected, sometimes for many years. This is because there is no routine testing for diabetes, and the symptoms can often be confused with ageing.

What do we do?

Around the world, Lions organise facilities for Diabetes Screening, where qualified medical professionals take simple blood tests as an indication of the presence of diabetes and, where appropriate, advise people to seek medical advice and more controlled tests.

Many thousands of people are screened each year, and many are extremely grateful in being put onto treatment following proper diagnosis.

Successful Lions diabetes projects

  • Brazil – The Sao Paulo (Belem) Lions purchased a mobile health unit. The Lions use this van to perform diabetes, vision, dental, and blood pressure tests.
  • Canada – In Manitoba, District 5M-13 Lions Diabetes Chairman John McCourt organized 45 support groups for persons with diabetes.
  • India – The Lions of District 324-A1 participated in a walk for diabetes awareness.
  • USA – In Minnesota, USA, the St. Paul (Midway) Lions donated £5,000 to a local diabetes resource centre for educating South East Asian immigrants about diabetes. Meanwhile, the District 5M-6 Lions, established a £16,667 Diabetes Fund to provide financial assistance to uninsured
    persons with diabetes.
  • Sweden – The Lions of District 101-SM organize an annual camp for teenagers with diabetes. One of the featured camp activities is downhill skiing. The teens learn the importance of adjusting their food intake and their insulin when participating in rigorous exercise.
  • Zambia – Kitwe Lions sponsored a medical camp that diagnosed and treated diabetes, malaria, hypertension, and respiratory tract infections.

Can You Help With This Project?

Any help, assistance or donations that you can make to our project will make a huge difference to the success of it and help make the lives of others better. For more information about how you can help us (or we can help you) please do get in touch and let’s talk.